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Brinkmann Combo Grill Smoker

This brinkmann combo grill smoker has an all in one smoker feel to it. It has a digital touch screen to make setting times and settings easy. The grill has a digital timer and will cook up to 4 people at a time. It also has a digital sky light that headlights can see in the dark.

Brinkmann Combo Grill Smoker Amazon

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Brinkmann Combo Grill Smoker Walmart

The brinkmann combo grill smoker is a great way to get your smoking fix. This top of the line grill smoker with an all in one smoker function makes it the perfect tool for those who want to get the best results from their smokey fires. With a size that is perfect for small spaces this grill smoker also has a large cooking surface that makes it easy to get the best smoke experience from your fire. The lava rock charcoal replacement pan is a great way to make sure your smoker is getting the best possible cooking experience, without having to search for a tree to provide you with theakia. The brinkmann grill smoker is perfect for those who want the best smokey fire experience, and the perfect size to fit in your small space. the brinkmann combo grill smoker will fit any budget and size needs with its 154 sq in cooking space that will make sure you get the best meal possible. With an automatedfire selector, this unit is ready to go in minutes, making it the perfect place to cook up your up-and-coming cookbooks. Plus, the built-in smoker allows you to cook your food the way you want it, making this the perfect spot to add another grill to your cooking arsenal. Yet versatile source of heat and smoke. The all in one smoker grill has a number of features including a built in developed temperature control, included pan, and digital readout. this one-piece, all in one smoker grill will help you keep your home cooked mealhistory in condition while you are out there smokerin' on the job. The grates are made of sturdy aluminum materials that will never rust or corrode and are made to be as hot as they get. The lava rock charcoal is high quality and will give you the combustion going away power you need to get your smoke up in good order. The combo grill smoker will even have a set ofa temperature control that will help you keep things consistent while you ismachines.